Ragnar bracelet - Gold-toned

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Sizes: S - 19.05 cm
Sale price627 kr


At Northern Legacy, we take strength seriously – it's not just a feature; it's our commitment. Crafted from premium materials, our chains are built to endure the most demanding challenges.

Whether it's a curls and a trip to the sauna, a car driving over them, or a day submerged in cola, our chains not only survive but continue to look fresh. They're your trusted companion for a life filled with adventure.

Our chains are designed to:

✅ Brave intense workouts and showers with ease.
✅ Complement an active, outdoor lifestyle perfectly.
✅ Be worn daily without a second thought.

Northern Legacy chains aren't just accessories; they're a symbol of durability and resilience.


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The Simple and Elegant Ragnar Bracelet in Gold-Toned Design

The Ragnar bracelet in a gold-toned finish is a prominent addition to the modern man's jewelry collection, combining timeless elegance with a touch of strength and bravery. Inspired by the legendary Viking warrior Ragnar Lothbrok, this bracelet is designed for the man who values craftsmanship, history, and an expression of unique personal style. With its striking design and golden-toned shine, the Ragnar bracelet offers a perfect balance between classic beauty and modern masculinity.

Bracelet for the Quality-Conscious Man

When it comes to the craftsmanship and design of the Ragnar bracelet, every detail reflects a deep understanding of aesthetics and quality. The bracelet, meticulously crafted in high-quality stainless steel, serves as the foundation for its robustness and long-lasting durability. This particular type of steel is known for its impressive strength and resistance to both rust and wear, ensuring that the bracelet remains as pristine as the day it was purchased.

To enhance the bracelet's radiance and ensure its resemblance to genuine gold, an advanced PVD coating technique is utilized. PVD, or Physical Vapor Deposition, is a state-of-the-art process that applies a thin but extremely durable coating to stainless steel. This method not only enables a golden-toned finish that shines with a warm and inviting glow but also a surface that is highly resistant to wear. The result is a bracelet that maintains its beautiful appearance through daily wear and various activities, from festive occasions to work to casual hangouts with friends.

Additionally, the use of nickel-free material in the production of the Ragnar bracelet means that it is safe and comfortable for everyone to wear, even for those with sensitive skin. A nickel-free composition eliminates the risk of allergic reactions, making this bracelet an ideal accessory for any man seeking style without compromising on comfort.

All in all, the Ragnar bracelet is a testament to dedication to exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. From the robust, rust-resistant stainless steel to the durable PVD coating and nickel-free composition, every aspect of this bracelet is designed with enduring beauty and superior comfort in mind. It is a true representation of elegance and quality that can enhance any man's wardrobe.

A Bracelet for the Stylish Man

The Ragnar bracelet is a versatile piece of jewelry for men and can add an element of sophistication to any masculine wardrobe. The bracelet's gold-toned finish makes it easy to pair with other jewelry and watches, providing a cohesive and polished look. Whether worn alone for a subtle, elegant expression or layered with other bracelets for a more pronounced statement, the Ragnar bracelet adds a layer of refinement to your personal style.

Ideal Gift Idea for Him

Looking for the perfect gift? The Ragnar bracelet is an ideal gift for the style-conscious man in your life. Whatever the occasion - birthday, anniversary, or as a special surprise - the Ragnar bracelet offers a unique combination of beauty, quality, and masculine charm that will be appreciated and worn with pride.

The Ragnar bracelet in gold-toned design is more than just jewelry; it is a statement that reflects the strong and determined spirit of its namesake. With its impressive craftsmanship, stylish design, and versatile charm, the Ragnar bracelet is a must-have accessory for any modern man who values both style and substance. Let the Ragnar bracelet become part of your daily style and wear it as a symbol of your strength, courage, and unique personality. See more bracelets for men here.