NL Dad cap - Black/white

Sale price627 kr
Size: Onesize
Ring Size

Ring size US to mm



 Joint Circumference in Milimeter
Size 6 55.0 - 57.9 mm
Size 7 58.0 - 60.5 mm
Size 8 60.6 - 63.2 mm
Size 9 63.3 - 65.6 mm
Size 10 66.3 - 68.2 mm
Size 11 68.3 - 71.4 mm
Size 12 71.5 - 73.4 mm
Sale price627 kr


At Northern Legacy, we take strength seriously – it's not just a feature; it's our commitment. Crafted from premium materials, our chains are built to endure the most demanding challenges.

Whether it's a curls and a trip to the sauna, a car driving over them, or a day submerged in cola, our chains not only survive but continue to look fresh. They're your trusted companion for a life filled with adventure.

Our chains are designed to:

✅ Brave intense workouts and showers with ease.
✅ Complement an active, outdoor lifestyle perfectly.
✅ Be worn daily without a second thought.

Northern Legacy chains aren't just accessories; they're a symbol of durability and resilience.


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NL Dad Cap in Black/White: The pinnacle of style and comfort

Upgrade Your Style with Classic Elegance

The NL Dad Cap in Black/White from Northern Legacy is more than just an accessory - it's an essential piece that perfectly combines comfort with style. Designed to complement any style of dress, this dad cap is ideal for any occasion, making it a versatile choice in your wardrobe.

Comfortable Design with Quality Materials

Created from a premium blend of 20% wool and 80% acrylic, the NL Dad Cap offers both warmth and comfort. This material choice ensures that the cap is breathable and durable, making it a favorite all year round.

Elegant Embroidery and Branding

Proudly featuring Northern Legacy embroidery on the front panel, this cap offers a black and white contrast that adds elegance and underlines the brand's dedication to quality and style. A subtle NL logo flag near the clipbuckle closure highlights the brand's prestige and attention to detail.

Custom Fit for All

The NL Dad Cap is equipped with a clipbuckle closure that ensures a tight but adjustable fit. This makes the cap ideal for different head sizes and enhances its versatility and fashion potential.

A Cap for Every Occasion

Whether it's a casual day out or a night on the town, the NL Dad Cap is the ultimate accessory for those who value a combination of classic style and functionality. The black and white color palette means that it can easily be included in any choice of clothing.

Compliments Any Look

The NL Dad Cap in Black/White from Northern Legacy stands out as a symbol of accessible style. It's an ideal addition to any wardrobe, offering a stylish flair that goes as well with a streetwear look as with sporty casual attire. Make this dad cap part of your signature look and exude confidence in any setting.