NL Compass pendant - Black

Sale price638 kr
Størrelse: 60 cm
Sale price638 kr
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Compass pendant in black for men

Northern Legacy introduces the NL Compass Pendant in black, a piece of jewelry that captures the elegance of adventure and appeals to the modern man. Inspired by the unyielding spirits of our Scandinavian ancestors, this men's jewelry combines boldness with modern style.

Black compass chain for men

The NL Compass Pendant is meticulously crafted from 316L stainless steel with a black PVD coating, ensuring both durability and a timeless look. The black finish gives the jewelry a powerful and sophisticated expression, appealing to the fashion-conscious man.

Pendant with compass a symbol of adventure

The front of the pendant features a laser-engraved compass, acting as a constant reminder of the adventurous spirit that characterizes the modern man. The black finish and compass motif symbolize exploration and pay homage to the pursuit of discovery.

Quality necklace for men

The pendant measures 20 mm in diameter and 2 mm in thickness. The accompanying chain is adjustable up to 60 cm, ensuring a perfect fit. This jewelry beautifully combines functionality with an aesthetic design.

Men's chain with compass pendant

On the back of the pendant, the Northern Legacy logo is engraved, and a small "NL" logo pendant near the clasp adds a discreet touch of brand authenticity. This adds an extra dimension of refinement and brand identity to the jewelry. We also have another version of the compass necklace with 3D effect engraving.

Embracing the adventurer: Jewelry for the adventurous man

The NL Compass Pendant - Black is designed to reflect and embrace the essence of the adventurer in every modern man who wears it. This jewelry is more than just an accessory; it's a statement that speaks to the adventurous and style-conscious man.

Discover the NL Compass Pendant in black from Northern Legacy, and add an element of adventurous elegance to your daily style. See some of our other compass necklaces.