Jorgmundr Leather and Pearl Bracelet

Sale price638 kr
Size: S - 19 cm
Ring Size

Ring size US to mm



 Joint Circumference in Milimeter
Size 6 55.0 - 57.9 mm
Size 7 58.0 - 60.5 mm
Size 8 60.6 - 63.2 mm
Size 9 63.3 - 65.6 mm
Size 10 66.3 - 68.2 mm
Size 11 68.3 - 71.4 mm
Size 12 71.5 - 73.4 mm
Sale price638 kr
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{"loading"=>"lazy", "sizes"=>"300px", "widths"=>"165, 360, 535, 750, 1070, 1500"}


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Vildt fedt!

Jeg har længe gerne ville have flere læderarmbånd fra Northern Legacy, og nu kom der endelig et!

A masculine bracelet in leather and beads for men

The Jorgmundr Leather & Beads Bracelet is a tribute to the modern man's boldness and style. This bracelet is not just a piece of jewelry; it is a symbiosis of handpicked, powerful beads and the most rugged leather, created to express and support the wearer's personality and values. By choosing black onyx for its deep, protective energy and tiger's eye for its courage and clarity, we have created a bracelet that not only catches the eye but also speaks to the soul. The two leather pieces, one braided and one smooth, represent life's varied paths and the different roles a man plays in his life. Interwoven into a single bracelet, they symbolize the whole, with the black metal magnet clasp ensuring simplicity and security in fastening, reflecting the modern man's need for both style and functionality.

Bracelet of natural beads and genuine leather

The materials in the Jorgmundr bracelet are carefully chosen to withstand the test of time and use. The genuine leather promises a lifetime of comfort and durability, aging gracefully over time to reflect the wearer's journeys and experiences. Black onyx and tiger's eye beads are chosen not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for their deep, grounded energies, offering strength and protection in everyday challenges. This bracelet represents a balance between the rugged and the refined, making it an ideal accessory for the man who values depth and substance in his personal expression.

Robust and functional clasp

The security and convenience of the Jorgmundr bracelet's clasp are unmatched. The sturdy 316L stainless steel magnetic clasp is designed to keep the bracelet securely in place, no matter where life's adventures take you. This clasp combines effortless aesthetics with practical usability, ensuring that the bracelet can become a staple in your daily attire. This innovative fastening solution underscores our commitment to creating accessories that meet the demands of the modern man, not only in terms of appearance but also in terms of functionality and durability.

Quality bracelet for men

The Jorgmundr bracelet is constructed with longevity in mind. The genuine leather and natural beads require minimal care but will develop a rich patina over time, only adding to its beauty and character. A simple maintenance routine, including regular cleaning and avoiding excessive moisture and direct sunlight, will ensure that the bracelet remains a central piece in your wardrobe for many years to come. The durable metal wire and robust construction promise that Jorgmundr is not just a purchase but an investment in your personal style.

A piece of jewelry for men

The Jorgmundr Leather & Beads Bracelet transcends the traditional approach to men's jewelry by offering a deeper, more personal connection between wearer and jewelry. By wearing Jorgmundr, one is not just choosing a bracelet but a piece that tells a story of strength, protection, and personal growth. It is designed for the man who sees value in expressing himself through his choice of accessories, and who understands that true beauty lies in the details and the stories behind them. Therefore, the Jorgmundr bracelet is not just a piece of jewelry but a symbol of the journey each man undertakes and the values he carries with him.

It will pair very nicely with our other black jewelry for men.