Compass Signature - Black ring

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Size: 8
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 Joint Circumference in Milimeter
Size 6 55.0 - 57.9 mm
Size 7 58.0 - 60.5 mm
Size 8 60.6 - 63.2 mm
Size 9 63.3 - 65.6 mm
Size 10 66.3 - 68.2 mm
Size 11 68.3 - 71.4 mm
Size 12 71.5 - 73.4 mm
Sale price797 kr
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Casper Hansen
Virkelig fed!

Er vildt glad for mit køb! Ringen holder til det hele.

Black Compass Ring

Northern Legacy introduces the Compass Signature Black Ring, a courageous and stylish men's ring designed for modern adventurers. This ring is not just a piece of jewelry, but a tale of adventure and discovery, encapsulated in a bold and unique design.

Unique Ring with 3D Compass Engraving

The Compass Signature Black Ring distinguishes itself with its distinctive 3D compass engraving on a 14x14 mm top surface. Made from solid 316L stainless steel, this ring reflects a combination of robustness and refinement. It is more than an accessory; it is a declaration of adventure and exploration.

High-Quality Compass Men's Ring

This ring is equipped with a PVD-coated, corrosion-resistant finish, ensuring that it remains unblemished, even with daily use and under various influences. The black tone, contrasted with the 3D compass engraving, not only highlights its bold design but also its enduring durability, making it an ideal companion for the modern man.

Northern Legacy's Commitment

Northern Legacy stands behind their craftsmanship with a lifetime guarantee and a 365-day return policy. The engraved logo inside the ring is a sign of the brand's commitment to offering high quality in men's jewelry.

Jewelry for the Adventurous Man

The Compass Signature Black Ring is a versatile accessory that easily combines with any outfit. Whether worn alone or with other rings, it stands as a prominent statement, expressing the spirit of the modern adventurer. If you have a Nordic adventurer in your blood, our black ring with the Vegvisir symbol might also be for you.

A Black Ring with Compass for Men

The Compass Signature Black Ring is more than just a ring; it is a tribute to one of the greatest inventions ever, the compass. This ring serves as a symbolic compass on your finger, leading you through the world of style and inviting exploration and discovery.

The Perfect Choice for the Stylish Man

The Compass Signature Black Ring from Northern Legacy is the perfect choice for the man seeking a piece of jewelry that represents both his adventurous nature and his sense of sophisticated style. Let this ring be your companion on the journey through a world of stylistic adventures. Our compass rings are also available in silver-toned and gold-toned, offering a cool look to the rings, making them resemble a gold or silver ring but with better durability.

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