Black Onyx Vegvisir Signature - Silver-toned ring

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Size: 9
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 Joint Circumference in Milimeter
Size 6 55.0 - 57.9 mm
Size 7 58.0 - 60.5 mm
Size 8 60.6 - 63.2 mm
Size 9 63.3 - 65.6 mm
Size 10 66.3 - 68.2 mm
Size 11 68.3 - 71.4 mm
Size 12 71.5 - 73.4 mm
Sale price783 kr


At Northern Legacy, we take strength seriously – it's not just a feature; it's our commitment. Crafted from premium materials, our chains are built to endure the most demanding challenges.

Whether it's a curls and a trip to the sauna, a car driving over them, or a day submerged in cola, our chains not only survive but continue to look fresh. They're your trusted companion for a life filled with adventure.

Our chains are designed to:

✅ Brave intense workouts and showers with ease.
✅ Complement an active, outdoor lifestyle perfectly.
✅ Be worn daily without a second thought.

Northern Legacy chains aren't just accessories; they're a symbol of durability and resilience.


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Dennis Mølgård Sørensen
Anmeldelse sort ring

Den er flot, god vægt og høj kvalitet 👍🏻

A silver-toned ring with a Black Onyx stone and engraved Vegvisir symbol

Our Black Onyx Vegvisir Signature ring in silver-toned is a true treasure for those seeking a deeper connection to history. With a black onyx stone at its center, it exudes a mysterious and sophisticated aura. The engraved Vegvisir, a Nordic compass, symbolizes direction and protection, adding a unique touch to this piece of jewelry.

Vegvisir - The ancient Viking compass

The natural black Onyx stone with the Vegvisir engraving captures the eye with its mystical beauty. Vegvisir was the ancient Viking compass, a source of protection and direction for seafarers through the centuries. When you wear this ring, you carry an ancient piece of Viking history and wisdom on your finger. It's more than just jewelry; it's a connection to the adventures and bravery of the past, adding cultural depth to your personal style.

High-quality black onyx ring for men

Every detail of the Black Onyx Vegvisir Signature ring is carefully crafted. The silver-toned version of the ring has a shine that creates subtle elegance, while the black Onyx stone adds contrast and depth to the design. The 14x14 mm surface of the ring gives it a distinctive expression that not only complements your style but also highlights it uniquely.

Made of 316L stainless steel, the Black Onyx Vegvisir Signature ring is a reliable companion. This material gives the ring its solid structure and makes it corrosion-resistant. You don't need to take it off when washing your hands or experiencing rainy weather; it's designed to withstand the elements and maintain its beauty.

We've ensured that the ring is 100% nickel-free, making it allergy-friendly and comfortable to wear. It's designed to sit comfortably on your finger all day, no matter how adventurous your day may be. Furthermore, the silver-colored PVD coating adds an extra protective layer, ensuring that the ring not only appears as a silver ring with a black onyx stone but also provides additional protection.

Ring for men with a lifetime guarantee

We believe so much in the quality of our jewelry that we offer a lifetime guarantee on this ring. It's our promise that it will remain as brilliant as the day you first put it on. This ring is not just jewelry; it's an investment in enduring elegance and quality.

A men's ring that offers a unique style

Black Onyx Vegvisir Signature Silver-toned Ring is more than just jewelry; it's a statement of your unique style and your connection to history and elegance. It's a symbol of your ability to navigate through life with determination and clarity. When you wear this ring, you carry a piece of history and elegance on your finger. It's not just jewelry; it's your personal story. So why wait? Seize the opportunity to own a piece of timeless elegance and history intertwined in this exceptional ring. Let the Black Onyx Vegvisir Signature Silver-toned Ring from Northern Legacy be your personal statement of style, strength, and timeless beauty. It pairs exceptionally well with our Vegvisir Necklace in silver-toned.