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NL Mjolner pendant 2.0 - Silver-tonedNL Mjolner pendant 2.0 - Silver-toned
NL Mjolner pendant 2.0 - Silver-toned
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NL Yggdrasil pendant - Silver-tonedNL Yggdrasil pendant - Silver-toned
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NL Mjolner pendant 2.0 - Gold-tonedNL Mjolner pendant 2.0 - Gold-toned

A necklace with Thor's hammer signals strength and protection

In Northern Legacy's necklace collection, we have many products with symbols rooted in the Old Norse culture, upon which both our cultural understanding and identity are built. Symbols often resting on values such as strength, power, and protection, which also have a certain value in our own time. Among others, you will find necklaces representing our nation's identity as proud, skilled seafarers and adventurers. This applies, for example, to the Viking compass Vegvisir, which signifies an understanding of one's direction through life.

One of the most recognizable symbols used by the ancient Vikings is undoubtedly Thor's hammer, Mjolnir. Therefore, we naturally also have a collection of necklaces and other jewelry with Thor's hammer, which is one of the most memorable stories from Norse mythology. In this tale, Thor's hammer is the thunder god Thor's faithful tool, used both for battle and blessing. However, the most immediate signaling value of a necklace with Thor's hammer is the symbolism expressing strength, enterprise, power, protection, and the readiness for battle - it doesn't even require a knowledge of the particular mythology to understand what it's about when wearing a symbol of a tool or weapon around the neck. A tool that is unmistakably Nordic in its appearance and borrows from the Vikings' strength itself. A necklace with Thor's hammer is a piece of jewelry with plenty of edge and history. A piece of jewelry that gives a unique Nordic touch and edge to any outfit you pull out from your wardrobe.

Combine your Thor's hammer necklace with other jewelry from Northern Legacy

With Northern Legacy's collection of jewelry with Nordic symbols adapted to current trends, you have the opportunity to choose the necklace that says the most about you. Also, check out our other jewelry, which is an obvious choice to combine with a Thor's hammer necklace. You can see pictures with examples of usage and different styles by clicking on each individual necklace. Here, you can also find a guide on how to maintain your necklace, so it continues to give you value.

All our necklaces with the Thor's hammer symbol are made of stainless steel. However, you can choose between different models, both available in a classic silver design and a stylish gold design. Explore a universe of necklaces with Nordic symbols adapted to current trends, and choose the necklace that speaks the most about you. You can see pictures and read more about what the different symbols on our necklaces represent by clicking on each individual necklace.