Matching Rings with Fingers: Where Men's Rings Should Be Placed

Matching Rings with Fingers: Where Men's Rings Should Be Placed

Ring fashion has changed a lot over time. For men, wearing finger ornaments has not been for aesthetics for many years. Instead, there were signals and symbolisms tied into all silver rings that men wore – and most importantly their placement. Read on here and learn which finger you should use for your jewelry.

The Thumb Represents Power

You may have mostly seen it in movies where criminal underworld bosses or high-ranking barons wear a thumb ring. On a deeper level, such a choice symbolizes self-confidence, strength, and individuality, and it is seen in the Hollywood universe as a sign of power. But it's not a particularly pronounced trend outside the flickering box. For silver, the thumb is not the most obvious place, as it can quickly get in the way of many tasks. The thumb is indeed the most important and active finger on the hand, as it is crucial for us to be able to grab and hold things.

Brotherhood is Shown on the Index Finger

Status and cohesion are associated with rings on the index finger. In the past, it was not uncommon for members of secret brotherhoods or special lodges to wear such. Similarly, silver rings on men's index fingers can also mean membership, e.g., in connection with classmate communities or other groups and organizations.

Middle Finger Ring without Meaning – Unless You're a King

In olden times, the king's messengers would wear a silver men's ring on the middle finger. But beyond that, there is no immediate deeper, historical meaning to place your jewelry there. Because this finger is an active player in a lot of creative work with the hands, some believe that middle finger rings can also mean a special fondness and talent for creativity.

The Ring Finger is Reserved for Love

Both for men and women, the ring that you have exchanged with your fiance is worn on the ring finger. There is a tradition that an engagement ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand, while a wedding ring is worn on the right. Besides being a sign of love – and that people will probably expect you to be married if you have a ring on your ring finger – it is also the best finger to adorn if you see it from a practical point of view. Here, the ring does not get in the way of hand movements and practical work.

Little Finger Ring Symbolizes the Family

Finally, you can also find silver rings for men that are meant to fit on the little finger. In the past, this was a place dedicated to signet rings, where you wore refined patterns, advanced engravings, and coats of arms that represent the family. But mostly for noble sons with a thick chest bottom and a noble reputation. Back in the Middle Ages and generally before the printing press was invented, the coat of arms on the little finger ring was also used as a seal. The ring was dipped in hot wax and then pressed against parchment to give a stamp on important documents.

In the end, you should not let medieval traditions and superstitions determine how you want to style your finger fashion. Because besides the wedding ring, few people care about which of your fingers are adorned with jewelry. On the other hand, you should keep in mind what will be most practical, so your ring does not get in the way of the day's chores, as this can result in it getting scratched or broken more quickly.

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