Siempre Cushion band - Guldtonet ring

REA-pris627 kr
Størrelse: 6
REA-pris627 kr


💦 Tål svett, vatten och parfym
👌 Färgar inte av sig eller förlorar färgen
😊 100% Nickelfri och allergivänlig


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Introducing our "Siempre Cushion band - Gold tone ring":

✓ 316L Stainless steel ring

✓ 100% Nickel free

✓ Small squares hand-shaped into the stainless steel

✓ 6mm wide band

✓ Northern Legacy logo engraved inside the ring

✓ PVD plated - corrosion resistant


More about ''Siempre Cushion band'':

Introducing our latest addition to our series of rings: "Siempre Cushion band - Gold ring". "Siempre" is the Spanish word for "always", which we think is suiting for a timeless ring like this. Furthermore it is the first ring we make which seperates from the Signature ring category. Simpre band represents a timeless and simple option and is easy to match with most outfits.