Finding Your Unique Ring Style

Finding Your Unique Ring Style

If only you had that last detail to complete your outfit's finish. Yes! It's a ring that's missing. Whether we're talking men's rings, bracelets, or necklaces, there are usually 3 elements that vary: metal, gemstone, and design. Read on to learn which ones to choose for your jewelry collection.

Metal Colors that Match Your Skin

Prioritize what you find beautiful. But if the inspiration chamber is completely empty, you can start with the types of men's rings that should naturally suit you. Some advice won't hurt, right?

Fashion specialists and fashionistas talk a lot about colors that pop. You've surely heard stylists in various programs mention this. It also applies to jewelry, where it can make sense to go for something that stands out from your skin tone. As a rule, gold-toned rings can fade a bit against light and cool-toned skin, as can copper or rose-colored materials. If your skin tone is cool, a safer choice may therefore be silver-toned rings. If it's warmer, gold-toned jewelry will better enhance you.

Gemstones by Profession

Many men's rings can come with a gemstone. A precious stone can give a more exclusive look, but it also requires what's called a grab setting. Simply put, this is just a recess or setting in the metal so the stone can hold fast.

Depending on the ring's size, the setting can have a volume that can be impractical and get in the way if you are the type who works as a carpenter, gardener, or anything else where hands are the primary tool. If this is the case, a ring with a gemstone isn't an obvious everyday ring. Instead, you should go for a simpler design with a flat structure.

If you like seeing coordinated and well-thought-out details in the mirror, a gemstone can be a cool way to add some color to your outfit, where the hue can match a tie, shoes, or belt.

In terms of pairing material and stone, a silver-toned ring is a safe winner as it looks good with all types of stone colors. When choosing stones for men's rings, you can again make the decision based on skin tone. The cool tone is best complemented by green, purple, red, and blue, while the warm skin tone brings out yellow, orange, brown, and turquoise.

Which design?

If you're one of those types who likes a simple look in your clothes and outfit - and your appearance in general - then of course this should also be reflected in your choice of rings. Men's rings come in many different design options, but you can simply choose a very simple model without engravings or stones. If you also want to ensure a stylish consistency, avoid mixing different metals.

For those with a lively personality, a ring can be a statement and attract attention. Here, you can find motifs and engravings that speak to you or represent something you care about. For example, long-bearded, Viking-inspired types will probably prefer our signature rings, which have runes engraved.

The best tactic is to hunt through our assortment to find the perfect ring match!

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