Rings and Necklaces for Men

Rings and Necklaces for Men

Top 3 Trends for Men's Rings that You Can Jump On

If you've JUST started your ring hunt, you might still be in doubt about what it should be. But fortunately, it's not like school, because with style and styling, you can certainly be inspired by what others do and copy/paste your favorites. So take a look here, where we go through 3 trends for men's rings.

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What is the best ring for men? Uh, that can be difficult to answer - not least because it's super different. Are you a dog lover or a cat friend? Can you not leave the house without a tie on or do you mainly live in a hoodie? Everything depends on style and taste, just like it is the case for men's rings.

But if you still could use some inspiration for what kind of metal to put on your fingers, here are our Top 3 of what are the most popular rings and ring trends. Then you can always jump on the wave, right?

1) A timeless classic: the signet ring

This one is for everyone, and it's a ring of historical importance. From secret brotherhoods to the sealing of letters, the signet ring carried a lot of status and often symbolized the important family you came from. In short; it was a way to prove to others that you actually had blue blood in your veins.

Today, it is still a popular choice for both men and women. The coat of arms that usually adorned the ring surface, however, is now replaced. Today's men's signet rings can be blank, have motifs, initials or other meaningful symbols.

Other style icons who wear signet rings: Bruno Mars, Brad Pitt, Nick Jonas

2) Make a statement with oversized rings

This one can actually also be a signet ring. But it's not that that makes it unique. Instead, it's the size. The surface is often larger, more eye-catching, and with more bling. On such a men's ring, there can be a stone, a motif, or another memorable design.

If a man's ring was oversized back then, it meant that the wearer had enough gold to be able to sprinkle it out of the sleeves. At the time, it was a symbol of status and wealth, and such a ring was polished and displayed everywhere you went.

Other style icons who wear oversized rings: Harry Styles, Snoop Dog, Johnny Depp

3) The simple band without bang and bling

Finally, there's the traditional solution: a band. You know the silhouette from, for example, wedding rings, as it is popular with both men and women in a multitude of variants within both silver, gold, and white gold.

Even though the band is most known from there, it's not only married guys who can let their fingers be adorned by one of these. So if you prefer a more minimalist expression with a stylish and elegant look, then this could be the way to go.

Other style icons who also have simple band rings: Ryan ReynoldsEd SheeranGeorge Clooney.

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